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InfoNetworks Voice Services


Voice services are a critical part of any business telecommunication infrastructure, and our 25 years of experience gives us a great edge in providing those services. Whether it is a new cutting edge service like Unified Communications or a more traditional one like PRI’s, our engineering team can ensure that you are receiving a consistent and reliable connection. By choosing InfoNet as your voice provider, opt in for comprehensive communication solutions that offer advanced unified communication services that meet your specific needs.

What’s in Voice Services?


SIP Channels

Directly Terminating into the PSTN.

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As the expectations and needs for large scale enterprises change and they are looking for more of the features that their traditional PBX system cannot offer, SIP can become a great option for them. Still having the benefit of managing their own onsite phone system and building custom routing and complex controls while getting a lot of the benefits of redundancy and failover with their phone lines through SIP channel. In addition to the technical advantage the costs are substially cheaper due to the fact that they can be bundled and rolled in to different packages with your data connections.

Phone Lines

Still Maintain the traditional CAT 3 Handoff without losing new features.

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Although there are many different products out there that can handle voice calls, we still haven’t abandoned the traditional phone line. We gladly can provide you with either our digital voice solution that is just like an analog line but has many additional features or just an analog line. All of our Phone Lines can still receiving a lot of newer features like: Web Portals, Call Records, and Call Statistics.


Traditional or Digital it doesn’t matter.
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Many existing phone systems still require a PRI handoff and we can provide that solution to you at no additional cost. We also can deliver a traditional PRI connected back to a central office for our customers that prefer that alternative technology. Although we have seen a majority of carriers move away from the PRI product, InforNetworks is still very much invested in being able to provide those services to our customers.

Unified Communications

A True UCaas Solution.
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Across all of different voice products we look to provide a sense of unified communications within your interaction with our voice services. If you are using our Unified Voice Solution you can have complete access to features ranging from voice calling to instant messaging and mobile applications at no additional costs. Much of the benefits that exist in the Unified Communication Solution is the ability to have constant access and have it coordinated across many different platforms (Mobile, Desktop, PC, Email) without having to manage it. Most enterprises have realized that the enhancement has made their work life much easier to manage.


Partnering with companies since 1995, trust and rely on us to help your business find the right solutions.

Managed Services

A full-service IT Team at your fingertips ready to manage your entire network.

Hardware Management

Our hardware procurement and management service identifies your current and future equipment requirements.

Disaster Recovery

InfoNetworks Disaster/Recovery solution performs regular backs-up and can immediately restore your data in case of loss.


Our worry-free service offers you freedom from the daily   management and maintenance of equipment and expands your network beyond the office walls.


End to End Managed Security Services that ensures your business stays secure and data compliant. 


InfoNetworks delivers a variety of internet connections with speeds that move as fast as your business.


Our secure voice platform can adapt to any existing voice configuration or, if need be, we can design an entire new voice network from the ground up.

IT Projects

InfoNetworks’ Advanced IT Projects Service takes the burden of managing IT projects away from business owners so you can focus on top-line growth.

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