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InfoNetworks provides you with one single solution for all your voice needs

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Voice services are a critical part of any business telecommunication infrastructure, and our 25 years of experience gives us a great edge in providing those services. 

Whether it is a new cutting edge service like Unified Communications or a more traditional one like PRI’s, our engineering team can ensure that you are receiving a consistent and reliable connection

By choosing InfoNetworks as your voice provider, opt in for comprehensive communication solutions that offer advanced unified communication services to meet the specific needs of your business.

Discover your voice service options from InfoNetworks

SIP Channels

Have the benefit of managing your own onsite phone system and building custom routing and complex controls while getting a lot of the benefits of redundancy and failover with your phone lines through SIP channel.


Many existing phone systems still require a PRI handoff that we can provide at no additional cost. We also can deliver a traditional PRI connected back to a central office for our customers that prefer that alternative technology.

unified communication

Across all different voice products we look to provide a sense of unified communications. If you are using our Unified Voice Solution you can have complete access to features ranging from voice calling to instant messaging and mobile applications at no additional costs.

phone lines

Although there are many different products out there that can handle voice calls, we still haven’t abandoned the traditional phone line. We gladly can provide you with either our digital voice solution that is just like an analog line but has many additional features or just an analog line. 

Talk more, for less.

At InfoNetworks voice services will keep you talking to your current and prospective clients for less. 

And because we charge a flat fee for, you always know what you will be paying at the end of the month.

Talk more, for less.

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