Plan for the worst, with the best.

Disaster Recovery

InfoNetworks make sure that all aspects of your IT infrastructure is proactively designed with a business continuity and recovery plan.

Guarenteed business continuity that you can trust

disaster recovery circle

Disaster recovery is not just about securely storing dating that’s immediately retrievable. It’s about the planning and preventing of larger instances to effectively resolve data loss when it occurs.

We understand that no business can afford the risk of a data loss or system failure. The strain this puts on businesses, employees and customer communication can be heavily detrimental for productivity and overall success. With InfoNetwork’s Disaster Recovery solutions, our customer’s can trust us with their network

Our goal – if there is a network, operating system or employee level error – team’s will be minimally impacted or continue working often unnoticed. 

Have confidence in the security and availability of your data

Data Security

We ensure that your data is scored securely to limit the chances of a disaster happening in the first place. 

Data Backup

Your data is backed up regularly and stored both in the cloud and physical location for redundancy.

Data Recovery

In the event of a disaster, regardless of the cause, all your data is easily retrieved and restored.

Secure your business for a flat monthly fee

At InfoNetworks we offer IT for a flat monthly fee so that you always know how much your bill is going to be at the end of the month.

With unlimited 24/7 help desk and on-site support you will not find a more cost effective, expert IT solution for your SMB.

Secure your business for a flat monthly fee

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A fully serviced IT team monitoring for and ready to fix any IT issues


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Managing, maintaining and updating your hardware


Keeping your business and data secure and compliant


Providing you an infrastructure you can always rely on

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