Disaster Recovery

As your team of strategic IT partners, we make sure your infrastructure is proactively designed with a business continuity and recovery plan.


The need to protect your most essential digital assets has never been higher. With a risk of data loss that is nearly inherent, your business deserves proven, regularly monitored and on-going protected back-up solutions to combat this inevitably. 

guaranteed business continuity that you can trust with Enterprise level standard. we secure & DESIGN your data TO ensure your business never loses.


At InfoNetworks, your data is backed-up on a regular basis, and can immediately be restored in the case of a loss.

Your data is securely backed up and stored across the cloud, and locally, for complete redundancy. While some may be ill-equipped to handle a significant loss of data when it happens, we’ve created dependable backup solutions that securely stores your data and offers immediate retrieval so your business never suffers.

There are a number of reasons data can be lost. Whether it’s because of human mistakes, system failures, faulty backup management, security threats such as malware, ransomware or viruses, or factors that are truly out of your control, your business requires a backup solution that you can depend on.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is not just about securely storing dating that’s immediately retrievable. It’s about the planning and preventing of larger instances to effectively resolve data loss when it occurs.

We understand that no business can afford the risk of a data loss or system failure. The strain this puts on businesses, employees and customer communication can be heavily detrimental for productivity and overall success. With InfoNetwork’s Disaster Recovery solutions, our customer’s trust us with their network. 

Our goal – if there is a network, operating system or employee level error – team’s will be minimally impacted or continue working often unnoticed. 



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