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InfoNetworks Managed Security Services


Network security today is beyond the basic concerns of viruses and slow computers. With most company’s entire intellectual property and customer communications hosted in their digital infrastructure, a potential hack could cause irreparable harm and company bankruptcy.

With our ability to protect, monitor and layer on network security & management reporting, we can not only give real-time data, but also audit ‘back in time’ to determine an exposure if needed. Our Security Services as a managed solution learns your network habits to self alert suspicious activities done after-hours, rogue attempts by internal employees and more. 

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Keeping customer data secure doesn’t just make good business sense, it’s often a legal requirement for a lot of companies. Now, under the Oct 2021 additions to the FTC Safeguards Rule, this requirement applies to many more types of organizations than ever before.

At a maximum fine of $46,516 per violation, it’s critical that you know if your business is included on that list, and what you need to do to be compliant.

Find out if your organization meets the new “financial institutions” definition under the updated Safeguard Rule.


What’s in Managed Security Services?


Identify network liabilities and implement best-practices

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The foundation of every good Managed Security Provider is to first understand the current state of affairs of the clients environment. This is why our first object during on-boarding is to complete a penetration test to see where a customer’s site is vulnerable and evaluate liabilities. Based on findings (i.e., unpatches operating systems, poor networking design, lacking protocols etc.) we communicate with your team to highlight areas of improvement and road-map to correct.



Real-time removal, extraction and alerting

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In the event that an environment is compromised or foreign entrants are attempting an attack, our Security Operating Center (SOC) moves to ensure that the threat is isolated and quarantined from the remainder of the network. Our SOC real-time would alert engineering to review your network and complete an audit, complete with full reporting and communication of how to better design your policies. 



Keeping a watchful eye

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After we have completed an on-boarding and an end-to-end security design, we continue work with our 24x7x365 Security Operating Center observing and managing all segments of the customer environment. 


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Managed Services

A full-service IT Team at your fingertips ready to manage your entire network.

Hardware Management

Our hardware procurement and management service identifies your current and future equipment requirements.

Disaster Recovery

InfoNetworks Disaster/Recovery solution performs regular backs-up and can immediately restore your data in case of loss.


Our worry-free service offers you freedom from the daily   management and maintenance of equipment and expands your network beyond the office walls.


End to End Managed Security Services that ensures your business stays secure and data compliant. 


InfoNetworks delivers a variety of internet connections with speeds that move as fast as your business.


Our secure voice platform can adapt to any existing voice configuration or, if need be, we can design an entire new voice network from the ground up.

IT Projects

InfoNetworks’ Advanced IT Projects Service takes the burden of managing IT projects away from business owners so you can focus on top-line growth.

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