The Premium plan offers dedicated fiber, plus redundant backup using SD-WAN technology, Same Day On-Site Support, in addition to features available in Enhanced Bundle. Furthermore, client will receive a quarterly technology assessment and consulting meeting with Company Executives. This feature allows the client to feel confident they are always receiving the industries cutting edge technology.

What does the PREMIUM Plan get me?

The Premium plan offers dedicated fiber, plus redundant backup using SD-WAN technology, Same Day On-Site Support, in addition to features available in Enhanced Bundle. Furthermore, client will receive a quarterly technology assessment and consulting meeting with Company Executives. This feature allows the client to feel confident they are always receiving the industries cutting edge technology.

Unlimited On-Site Support and Projects

Dedicated Fiber Optics, SD WAN, and Unlimited Nationwide Phone services included


What’s Included

Network Devices Management

Unlimited Number of Devices

Within every company’s local infrastructure it is the network devices that serve as the foundational piece of healthy network. As a part of InfoNetworks services we take on full maintenance and management of those devices. Whether they are out of warranty or need to be replaced it becomes something we take care of.

24/7 Continuous Monitoring

365 Days a Year

Regardless of what you and your team is doing, our team is on the lookout 24/7/365 to ensure that your network is running at the optimal levels needed. Our team utilizes the most advanced network tools that are available in order to ensure that we can properly detect and anticipate your networks needs.

Anti-Virus & Malware

Proactive Defense

In addition to providing your office with continuous monitoring, InfoNetworks will install anti-virus agents that will help identify and detect potential malware in your network. Our Ant-Virus software will consistently update with a public databases that publishes the known malware software to make sure your system is up to date at all times.

Help Desk

Unlimited Support and Tickets

We understand the need for reliable IT support and viable tech solutions and have created a support desk that is easily accessible, and provides quick, reliable and efficient solutions. We offer managed IT solutions for small or large enterprises, because regardless of the size of your business, we understand that no enterprise can afford to sacrifice their time to technical malfunctions.

Internet Access

Fast and Reliable

Whether is sending emails or web surfing the Internet Access solution included in the Standard bundle is built for business that we are using the internet to execute their basic day to day activities

Cloud PBX

Advance Technology with New Features

The Standard Bundle includes hosted phone service, which utilizes InfoNetworks Cloud PBX solution. Features like: Web portal, Voicemail, Call Forwarding and Hunting, and many other features are at your finger tips. As a part of the InfoNetworks Cloud PBX your office can start using services like intercom, call parking, and transfers to make everyone’s life easier.

3rd Party Management

We Take of That Too

We know that there are many different elements and providers that go into your entire technical network include 3rd party software providers (Quickbooks, Adobe, etc). As a part of our 3rd Party Management Solution our team will take on troubleshooting issues your office has with any of those softwares or providers.

Hardware Management & Procurement

Research and Recommend the Best Options

In order to get the best performance out of your digital infrastructure the hardware it rides on is critical. When you become an InfoNetworks customer we include the procurement and research of all additional hardware or replacements that your network will need.

Hardware as a Service

Pay Small Monthly Fee

It one thing to determine what hardware is necessary for optimal performance, but paying for it is another. As a part of the InfoNetworks bundles we provide a Hardware as a Service solution that reduces all of your costs down to a flat small monthly fee. Included in the fee are maintenance and replacements regardless of issues.

Back Up

Never Loose Data

Hardware failures, lost equipment, and user errors are a daily factor for every business; which is why we know that every business needs to have their data backed-up. You never know when it will be needed, but whenever that time comes your team can sleep comfortably because their information is backed- up.

On-Site Support

All Across the USA

Majority of IT support isn’t just answering technical calls or completing network maintenance. A large portion of being a premier IT company is having a local presence that can come on-site to troubleshoot or install devices. With InfoNetworks you can have the piece of mind that wherever your office is in the USA, we can have someone there within 4 hours or less. Our nationwide on-site coverage is what truly makes us a complete Technology Service Provider.

Server Hosting and Management

Unlimited Number of Servers

No matter how many or where they are, InfoNetoworks will cover all of your existing server infrastructure. We don’t nickel and dime your company because you have specific instructure needs, instead we support and enhance your network without increasing your costs.

Cloud Computing

Reliable Resources at Your Fingertips

Many companies face resource needs and demands change over the course of the year and sometimes need to temporarily augment their technical infrastructure. InfoNetworks has built their cloud computing solution that will be fully accessible at no additional cost to help alleviate those resource constraint periods. As a part of the on-boarding period our engineers will sit down and identify those infrastructure enhancements with your team.

SD-WAN Device

Helps Maintain 100% Network Uptime

As industries evolve and new technologies start breaking through, InfoNetworks always ensure that we are incorporating those solutions into your services. SD-WAN has been an increasingly power product that will help enhance the utilization of your internet connectivity through the use of proprietary software.

4G Wireless Failover

An Extra Layer of Redundancy

Although it rarely occurs, networks due have downtime and as a part of our solution we will include a 4G Wireless Solution to pick-up the slack when those downtimes or service interruptions happen. With it utilizing the cellular network it feeds from a completely redundant network to provide true failover.

WAN & LAN Network Design

Design from the Ground Up

Ensure that your network has all of the right configurations and its design to maximize your company’s needs by having one of our Senior Network Engineers do a complete technical network overview. Your office will run more efficiently and the benefits of having the right products will lead to your team to focus on the company’s objectives.

Vendor Negotiation & Discounted Rates

Minimizing your Headache

In addition to our 3rd Party Vendor Management, we also will complete vendor negotiations and extend our own discounted rates to your team. This will reduce the need for your team to waste time going back and forth with vendors, and allow for them to get back to generating value for the company.

IT Projects

Unlimited IT Projects Regardless of Scope

InfoNetworks is one of the only IT companies in the country that allows for their managed service clients to have unlimited IT Projects. We believe that if you are a Managed Service client your network is our responsibility and limiting or upselling aspects of your network would be misleading. We will do all types of IT Projects regardless scope so we can make sure that your team is getting what it needs from their IT network.

On-Site Equipment Relocation and Moves

Moves and Relocations for Free

Our support goes beyond the traditional on-site to a comprehensive move and installation team for our customers that are looking to relocation their network between offices. As a part of this solution there wouldn’t be any additional charges ensuring that both of our incentives are aligned when it comes to managing your move.

Dedicated Fiber Internet Access & Redundancy

Guaranteed Best Network At All Times

For companies that are in need of our Enterprise Bundle Plan there is a very good chance that reliable internet access is the basis for much of their workflow and process. That is why we included a Dedicated Fiber Circuit in the bundle plan, because for our enterprise customers network accessibility and consistency is critical to run their daily operations. We will determine the necessary speeds through our advance data tools and ensure that your teams will have more than enough bandwidth at no additional cost.

Private Clouds

Extend your Security Beyond the Office

When it comes to our Enterprise customers we go above and beyond that traditional carrier approach. Since many of them are designing complex networks that utilize specific routing protocols, our team can build MPLS or VPLS clouds for your team at no additional costs. You can have the freedom to design your network without constantly being up charged at every corner.

Network Security

Have Complete Control of your Network

A company’s network security has quickly become one of the most important factors for every business in any industry. With some many people touching your network and computers it important to lock down all of your private information and documents to minimize any possibility of leakage. InfoNetwork’s Network Security Software allows for your team to actively monitor and observe every piece of hardware in the office at all times giving your team the ability to have a complete picture of what is going in you network.

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