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Managed IT
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Learn why having a single Managed IT Service Provider is the perfect solution for SMBs to save time and money, and help your business grow.

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Managed IT Services are the perfect solution for SMBs

SMBs have numerous barriers when it comes to having the most up-to-date, efficient IT systems. The cost of equipment and staff to manage it is often more expensive than many can afford and so companies will limit IT spending to ‘keeping the lights on’.

What some are finding, however, is that they can’t afford to not have the most reliable and secure systems in place. 

Over 1 in 4 SMBs say they have lost revenue due to IT-related issues, so it makes sense that, according to a recent survey of 1100 SMBs, 29% already outsource some or all of their IT systems to third-party experts.

What you will learn in this eBooK

The importance of technology so you can remain competitive in the modern workplace

Staff challenges SMBs face when it comes to finding and keeping experts on their books

Security challenges SMBs are facing from hugely expensive cyber attacks 

Compliance challenges keeping yours and your clients data stored in line with ever-changing regulations

The benefits of partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider like InfoNetworks over other IT solutions

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