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InfoNetwork IT Project Services

Our comprehensive IT project management offerings are backed by full service support so you can gain full value of your IT projects. We possess the skill, resources, and team to establish the foundation needed to build a durable business infrastructure that can withstand an ever changing digital climate. Our project programs and management consider the needs of your business, while understanding the market within which your business functions. Maximize the success of your IT projects by implementing managed services and solutions together with the expertise of a full-service technology solutions and management provider. Efficiency, reliability and effectiveness of an experienced TSP allows you to plan your next steps to secure the future of your business.

InfoNetwork IT Step By Step

Our professional IT Projects Management Services create a business infrastructure that clearly projects your goals, and implement feasible solutions that guide you through from concept to execution. Our IT Project services include analysis and consulting, planning and development, budgeting, equipment procurement and delivery, staffing and resources and comprehensive management services. After the project has been accurately planned your team will have a dedicated Project Manager that will work with your office step by step till the project has been completed. After the project is finished our engineer team will circle back and close the loop to ensure everyone on the team is satisfied and content with the finish product.


Partnering with companies since 1995, trust and rely on us to help your business find the right solutions.

Managed Services

A full-service IT Team at your fingertips ready to manage your entire network.

Hardware Management

Our hardware procurement and management service identifies your current and future equipment requirements.

Disaster Recovery

InfoNetworks Disaster/Recovery solution performs regular backs-up and can immediately restore your data in case of loss.


Our worry-free service offers you freedom from the daily   management and maintenance of equipment and expands your network beyond the office walls.


End to End Managed Security Services that ensures your business stays secure and data compliant. 


InfoNetworks delivers a variety of internet connections with speeds that move as fast as your business.


Our secure voice platform can adapt to any existing voice configuration or, if need be, we can design an entire new voice network from the ground up.

IT Projects

InfoNetworks’ Advanced IT Projects Service takes the burden of managing IT projects away from business owners so you can focus on top-line growth.

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