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Why InfoNetwork Solutions


InfoNetworks is a full-service technology partner offering comprehensive voice, internet, and managed IT solutions, conveniently bundled to meet your needs. A direct-to-consumer technology solution provider, InfoNetworks delivers unified network communications and connectivity services, with managed IT solutions, offering customers unparalleled technical support and services.


Partnering with companies since 1995, trust and rely on us to help your business find the right solutions.

Managed Services

A full-service IT Team at your fingertips ready to manage your entire network. 

Hardware Management

Our hardware procurement and management service identifies your current and future equipment requirements.

Disaster Recovery

InfoNetworks Disaster/Recovery solution performs regular backs-up and can immediately restore your data in case of loss. 


Our worry-free service offers you freedom from the daily   management and maintenance of equipment and expands your network beyond the office walls.


End to End Managed Security Services


InfoNetworks delivers a variety of internet connections with speeds that move as fast as your business.


Our secure voice platform can adapt to any existing voice configuration or, if need be, we can design an entire new voice network from the ground up. 

IT Projects

InfoNetworks’ Advanced IT Projects Service takes the burden of managing IT projects away from business owners so you can focus on top-line growth.

For technology you can depend on and solutions that are tailored to your business’ needs

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